london: hampstead

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photo 2Jennifer is in town visiting me for 8 whole days. Loving it! I took what was going to be my morning off, and ended up being the whole day. I wanted to show her Hampstead Heath which is around the corner from me but we ended up with so much more – Hampstead Village, walk through Kentish Town and vintage shopping. Awesome day.


topic: earth overshoot day


02c25f7863d68da8622d1767b6ee46c0Hey guys – I forgot to tell you – but did you know it was Earth Overshoot Day yesterday. It means that we have in 8 months used what earth has budgeted for the planet for a year. For the rest of the year, we will maintain our ecological deficit by drawing down local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We will be operating in overshoot! Read more about it here and calculate your footprint on earth.

topic: my loves birthday


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome love Matthew. Love you forever <3

Tonight we’re celebrating! Going to Story restaurant. We’re trying out a 6 course tasting menu together with wine they have selected especially for us. Such a treat!

My birthday present to Matthew was an experience which we are going to have together when in Zimbabwe around New Years – a helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls!

my style: when fall comes


Ok I know I should not wish for fall. But when it comes – this is what I want to look like. Skinny jeans, BIG oversized sweater, cashmere scarf a hat and possibly a black leather jacket. Oh and a pair of black chelsea boots. Done.

Being at home hungover, I’ve been surfing the internet waves dreaming away to colder days. Love the Swedish shop Weekday, I always go there when I’m home. If I was not a student and carefully had to select what I buy, this would be on my autumn shopping list!
– This black awesome sweater in size Large. I have it in grey already and wear it all the time. Works with everything.
– And would love this black long cardigan in large size as well – London is COLD during the winter (inside) so this could keep me warm…

You see what is happening! I’m already trying to convince myself… back to August and summer thoughts! I got ibiza coming up in 2 weeks, 30 degrees and sunshine for two whole weeks. Summer is not over yet!

london: thomas cubitt pub on st elizabeth street


If I looked tired yesterday I probably look like I’m sleepwalking today. Had a great night last night at awesome Thomas Cubitt pub around the corner from Victoria station. But I think I drank one too many glasses of wine… ZZzzzzz…. I wish I could say I’m drinking green juices to make up for this.. but I’m not – I’m smashing a Marabou chocolate bar! Sometimes that is what is needed!

my style: wednesday wine and friends

Photo on 13-08-2014 at 17.06 #5 Photo on 13-08-2014 at 17.11 #4Hallå! I just noticed I look a tiny bit tired! But not tired in a bad way – only in good way! Did 2 hours of Pilates last night followed by a brutal abs session on the reformer today! Body feels like an old watch finally starting to work pretty well. Loving Pilates much more than I thought I would. I’m happy work got me into this new way of working with my body!

I’m just on my way out meeting Moa and some other friends down in Victoria! Can’t wait for a glass of wine and good company…



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