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IMG_4911Our beautiful old house with an awesome apartment looking over the old town. We found it on airbnb. If you ever visit Porto in Portugal. Stay here.




IMG_4960IMG_4916Porto must have been one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been. Matthew and I met up with the rest of his family for the first few days, as we were going to his brothers wedding. And at the end we had a fantastic sunny day in town just the two of us.




IMG_4861We walked on top of the magnificent Eiffel bridge (same man who built Eiffel Tower in Paris).


Matthew, one of his brothers and I went out dancing on Friday night. SO much fun. Started our night at amazing La Boheme which has fantastic cocktails for bargain prices!


The wedding was held at a beautiful venue 45 min outside of Porto. The sun came out shortly after they said ‘I do’.



IMG_4994Matthew, myself, Gower & Vania, Matthew’s brother Jonathan, his stepdad Tim and mum Susie.


One last photo to show. When in Porto, you will notice all the amazing tiles on all the buildings. It is just beyond beautiful.


topic: have you got plans – an alternative illustrated reality

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I have created a project: HAVE YOU GOT PLANS. I have through my past few weeks of writing essays regained a new view of social media. And with this new knowledge I’d like to create a space, on a social media, which is created by hand. So I decided to make use of Instagram and create an account dedicated to illustrations of the subject of reality, representation and creativity. Follow or at least check it out: @HaveYouGotPlans

eco: how i start my day


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I’ve started to drink hot water in the morning as you know. I try to make it 2 cups between 7-8am, before I leave home. I can really feel how the water start to work its way through my body, my stomach starts making noises, I feel a sensation of cleanness inside. So I try to leave it at least an hour before I drink my smoothie.

So the days I have work or school, I pour my smoothie into a jar and drink it when I get hungry around 9.30-10am. Today my smoothie looks a bit un-green. This is because of the cabbage I have in it! Thought it would be horrible (I ran out of kale and needed to fill it up with some other greens) but it worked, with the help of 2 dried dates to give it some sweetness.

Today is also my first day of trying out JuicePlus. I hope it will give me that extra boost of energy and keep my body strong and healthy with all its nutritions. I will let you know how I feel after trying this for a while, will try this, to begin with, for 4 months every day!

eco: detox your body with water

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Hot water and a green super smoothie. Thats my morning routine nowdays. We know how fantastic a green smoothie is for you but what about the (purified if possible) hot water? It is the best detoxification tool for your body. It helps the bowel movements, it ease digestion, enhance blood circulation and it is also fantastic for your skin and prevents premature ageing (just to mention a few). 

And if you want to detox your body even more, just add more cups of hot water throughout the day. Maybe one cup half an hour before each meal (you should not drink any kind of liquid with your meal, for the best possible digestion). And have a cup at the end of the day just before going to sleep!

Follow me on Instagram for more healthy tips and ideas around food and staying strong from within. @greencleanhippie

art: love them


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Found these super cool signed prints for £4 each at Myrornas – a Swedish charity shop. Found some other bits and bobs as well… But will have to show them when they are unpacked and on display at home – back in London!

Updates: This artist is Abel Lee and these prints are part of his Totems and Masks collecion. I’m trying to find some more information about him. This is what I found so far:

Abel Lee was born in Estland, Estonia, in 1918. He studied at the State Art School in Tallinn. In 1942 he fled first to Finland, then to Sweden, and in 1951 he emigrated to Canada, settling in Ontario. There, he was active as an artist, educationalist, lecturer on art, and newspaper critic.

About the prints: In a technical description of his work the artist says that ‘All the prints are hand printed by pressing and rubbing with the silver spoon, and as a result each print of the total is individually textured and coloured. The inspiration for the life-cycle story came to me while observing the great Indian totem poles in the British Columbian Forests.’

eco: green monday


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cf6f4682f481b48eeb641600869b8cd881f0370511b2a04db845aeb984e1b5f2Green Clean Monday! Meat Free Monday! Whatever you want to call it. Today is all about cleaning your insides and giving love to your body and at the same time saving animals lives by not eating them at all today. No meat or dairy. Only green and preferably raw. I will start my day with a lemon tea followed by a berry salad.

I have also written a little something about remembering what to be thankful for on my Instagram account GreenCleanHippie.


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