I wanted to eat aaaall the mozzarella…! Which I could not because I can’t have milk. See but not touch!

John invited us to this fantastic opening.

John has a house in Rome, Italy. He told us that this was the dish which he helped create. The idea came from his local restaurant close to his place in Rome. It is the most amazing Sea Bass tartar with truffle. YUUUUM! So fresh and delicious.

A massive mozzarella braided in to an eatable piece of art.

This is me and Tess with Silvio Ursini who is the owner of the Obika restaurants. He is such a lovely guy. We had the great pleasure to talk to him about his new restaurant, some new ideas and great Italian food.

So last night was the pre opening of the new Italian restaurant Obikà in South Kensington. I did not know what to expect other then maybe a little nibble of something Italian. But when we got there John gave us a table and made sure we never ran out of food, ever. We tried everything possible that this place had to offer. We started off with some mozzarella, cured parma ham and salami, mortadella and orange salad. We then went on to some different bread crumbled balls filled with mushroom risotto.  Then when we thought that might be it, there was more, and more, and more, all amazing food. We had sea bass tartar and we had grilled meat with perfectly roasted potatoes. And to finish the whole thing off we got five different types of dessert. Oh MY was I in heaven?!

I would recommend this place for all types of occasions. You can go here after work for a glass of cold wine or a fresh drink in the bar with a friend. Or you could go for a fresh italian lunch with work. Or maybe bring a date and breath in the lovely atmosphere of italian speaking staff and guests. Obikà opens on Saturday night. Please go! And let me know if you liked it as much as I did.

96 Draycott Avenue
Telephone 0207 5815208

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