Freddie lives in Stockholm. He studied at Umeå University and now pursues a freelance career as an industrial designer. He is also a great artist creating images so realistic it’s like magic. His brain and hands work together to create the coolest types of furniture and sketches of people. He is one of the few that can master total control of transferring reality to a paper to the millimetre correct with only a sketch pencil.

I thought it could be interesting to ask him some questions about how he works and what his visions for the future are.

Freddie’s design

Freddie. As your sister I know a lot about your great abilities to create and make magic in forms. But I would like to ask you a few key questions so everyone else can get to know you and your work a little bit more. At our last holiday in Italy we all always joked about you seeing the world in shapes and forms and some times we could all see your mind and eyes wonder off to some far off place just next to us, that for you was a place with incredible shapes and inspiration. How do you see the world from your eyes?

I see things not as they are but as potential to what they can become. When I for example look at a tree, one of the branches can have a certain motion to it that gives me an idea or inspiration to create something new. I get these triggers all the time but I rarely sketch them down. Instead I build them up in my mind and leave them there until I have a clear view of what I want to create. So yes, in a way I see the world as millions of combination of shapes just waiting to be puzzled together into something beautiful.

What inspires you to create new fantastic items – is it only shapes and forms or is it deeper than that, could it be emotions and people as well?

Emotions are the most important inspiration for me. An object can be beautiful, but unless the observer has that emotional response to what he or she sees it fails to be interesting and it doesn’t belong in that persons home. I say that because I think that what you bring in to your home should be a physical reflection of your a personality, not just a pretty façade to impress someone else.

Freddie’s design

What is your plan of action now as a new industrial designer on the very busy competitive market? 

I could sit and write down a great master plan of what I should do, every step up the ladder to where I want to end up, but I wont. The reason I wont is because I don’t know what will happen once I have taken the first step, the entire game might have changed. So what I do now is I go as far as I can see towards where I want to be, and when I get there I will see further.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself doing exactly what will make me happiest based the person I will be then. Probably still a designer eager to learn and create greater things for others as well as myself.

And time to ask the question you all have been waiting for… if you were a superhero what would your super power be?

I would take Iron Man’s suit. Not only is it amazingly designed, it also looks pretty damn fun to fly around in.

Check out Freddie’s home page here

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