Happy Friday everyone! Weekend begins now! I have my weekend bag packed. After some birthday celebrations for a friend tonight at my favourite Italian place, I’m off with the last train for a 45 min or so trip out of London city. I’m going to watch the Olympic road race tomorrow morning with Matthew. They will pass where we are going to stay. I got orders to bring my camera and change the lens from my 50mm to the zoom one, that can do speed sport photos.

I am actually for the first time very excited about the Olympic games. Maybe because I’m in the city of the games. It is hard to not be involved! But just this morning I read a great article in Sport Magazine you get free on the tube, about Usian Bolt wanting to run the 100 meter final, next Sunday the 5th of August at 6.30pm UK time, in 9.4 seconds! Can’t wait to see that..



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