Found this jacket in the Joseph sale this weekend on 80% off for only £270 instead of £1000. Don’t worry, did not buy it, still not buying things I don’t need. But I was tempted. It WAS my all time favourite after seeing it on photos, blogs and ads in magazines last season. I would probably have done anything to get my hands on it.

But when I tried it on last Sunday I just did not like it anymore. It was too thick and would not work with my body. It felt like having a little too big life vest on.. But it was hard to get over that it did not fit as I would have dreamt of it to do. Think it was just that price tag and my previous obsession that made it so hard to hang it back on the rail. But I am glad I did. I’m glad it was not in black.. would maybe have been another outcome..

I think it is really difficult finding the perfect leather jacket. I’m leather jacket obsessed. Got one in each colour of the rainbow. But still have not found that one perfect fit. Got many great ones mainly from Karen Millen. But I have for a while been on a hunt for a black one. Black always looks the best, coloured looks amazing but black takes the price. Got two old ones from Zara in black. But non of them fits me perfectly and they are not of great quality. I used to love the Balenciaga one. But once I tried it on it felt like any other vintage jacket..


The one and only that I have loved since I first saw and tried it, is this Burberry one which you can see Cara Delevigne wearing above. A M A Z I N G. Sold out. Can’t get hold of it. But one day. You will be mine one day.. Every now and then I check ebay.. One day our paths will cross.


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