Fabrizia grew up in the city we all dream about and wish we could go back to as soon as we leave – Rome. The city of old beauty, history and romance. She studied Political  science and communication technologies before she met her love of her life Luca and moved to Naples. She loves travelling and exploring, getting to know different cultures and meet new people. Once she is home she put love in to food and watch romantic comedies. She also writes a blog about her style and her life.

The last time I did something for the first time was... (hard to pick one because I love to try new things!) last week when I cooked fish. I’m allergic to it but was cooking it for dinner. So that is why that was my first time! Another thing was two weeks ago when I made an amazing excursion by canoe along the cost. And a third thing was a couple of months ago when I took part in a small fashion show as a model!

My proudest moment was… As I put a lot of love in to everything I do, every little goal achieved to me is a milestone!

To relax I… Spend time with Luca. I turn my phone off and relax my mind. I really don’t mind what we do, we can go to a spa or just watch tv series on the TV.

I am brilliant at… cooking! Since I got married I have learnt to make many delicious and elaborate recipes.

My family would describe me as… their little sweet girl!

Current favourite place to hang out is.. the waterfront of Naples, a pedestrian area full of restaurants and cool clubs. This is where I can enjoy a delicious dinners and cocktails while looking at the sea.

If I could prick a soundtrack to my life I would choose… Queen’s bohemian Rapsody

Holiday destination... tomorrow i’m off to visit my family for a couple of days before I jump on a plane to Miami. Then I’m off to Orlando for some childish fun stuff, love amusement parks! And after that I will go to Bahamas for some chill out time.  Then I’m back in Italy. After a small visit in Montecarlo I will go back to Rome. But then I will go back home to Naples!

My current addiction is… my blog. I really adore it and love to try to improve it day by day. Then I’m also a Nutella-holic…