Don’t you find it quite difficult to answer the question: Who is your style icon? I always struggle with finding the one. I could say the Olsen twins. I grew up loving everything they did. Or Kate Moss, simply because she is a cool lady and her wedding party dress was AMAZING – you know, the light blue one! However, in my view, they are not true style icons for the modern age, but rather sources of inspiration. Don’t you agree? They inspire just like cool models or actors do, wearing incredible dresses and suits. Most of them have stylist’s that call in every sample possible to make them look their best. To go a step further, I don’t think one needs coolest and most expensive designer clothes to be a style icon: you need yourself.

I think a style icon should not only inspire, but also be able to pull off their style in any given occasion and not just at red carpet or glam parties. They need to have that special something in them, the ability to look cool at the beach, in the morning, or at night. They need that impossible to quite put your finger on extra little touch within them! Prime case example: Steve McQueen.

“I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth”

“I’m not sure whether I’m an actor who races or a racer who acts.”

Steve was born in Beech Grove, Indiana, USA in March of 1930. He was a man, a father, a racing driver and all-around thrill-seeking petrol-head, a lover, a pilot, an icon. Oh and yes, an actor! He lived, and to others, personified, the American Dream in every way although when asked he said he would never be as good in acting as he wanted to be, but that he was good. The truth is he became one of the most loved movie stars of all times. So I think the world would say he was that great actor even though he thought he was not.

If you look back at the huge archive of pictures featuring McQueen, you will find that he looks incredibly cool in every single one of them. No exception. On screen and off. He was, and still is, one of the most beloved style icons of modern times. If you look at current trend, particularly in men’s clothing, elements of McQueen’s simple casual-cool look is as strong today as it ever was! My point being however, that it is not only his clothes, but McQueen himself, his life and the way he lived it that continues to be such a huge source of inspiration.. He is the true icon because of who he was and what he accomplished together with what he wore.