I am excited about so many things at the moment. I just love my life, the people in it and everything I do and experience. So next thing to be excited about is my trip HOME. To Stockholm. I fly on Friday. Im going to spend 9 days there. I can’t wait! There will be bbqs in the pool house(above) and amazing breakfasts, and if the pool is not too cold i’ll have morning swims.. I will go to my summer house on Resaro and spend some time with my family and swim in the sea. I’ll be in town to meet some friends and have lunches..

I will also meet some very interesting people for some interviews for the blog! Exciting times!! I will bring both my camera and computer and you will be able to follow me on my adventures. So tonight I have to pack, make sure I bring extra batteries, swim wear and amazing jackets that I never wear in London. I think Stockholm is a perfect time to wear them, dress up for the city i’m from.