You all know that I do PR for a few fashion brands. And part of my day to day job is dealing with all the samples. I get requests from the magazines, I select what I think would work and send it to the stylists. I also then deal automatically with everything coming back to the office. Making sure that we are not missing anything and that it is not damaged. That is what I am doing today. Got a big delivery of about 15 bags full of clothes from magazines like Vogue, Easy Living, Elle, Instyle and Harpers Bazaar… It is a bit therapeutic when you do it for a long time. You just look at names and numbers and check everything of. Like going to the brain gym.

I am happy that Moa just came and visited me in the office and bought me an ice cream and took me for a walk in the park. Thank you! I rarely find time for that. But can’t say no to a twister! I got energy back and time to return to the returned samples..