This is Ashley, an extraordinary girl from Los Angeles, California who just wants to change the world, a little bit. She runs her own business selling customised high waisted shorts called Shop Shorts. When she is not studding or dying shorts she plays the piano, read books, try new things and of course observe fashion. She is due to start University in a year and would then want to study finance or business. She knows what she want and she will go and get it.

The last time I did something for the first time was… two days ago, when I ran seven miles straight. It’s a big accomplishment for me, someone who usually shies away from physical activity!

My proudest moment was… when I made my first sale on Shop Shorts.

I am brilliant at… studding various items! I’ve now studded everything from denim to leather to canvas to paper!

My family would describe me as… stubborn and sarcastic.

Current favourite place to hang out in Los Angeles is… in the heart of downtown.

If I could pick a soundtrack to my life I would choose… Marina and the Diamond’s album, Electra Heart.

Holiday destination… Lake Tahoe, for sure! There aren’t too many tourists and everything is just beautiful. Plus, I always g shopping at the outlets on the way there!

My current addiction is… ombre-d anything and cutouts (I love both trends too much to decide on just one)

I am… always curious about anything and everything.