Wow… I am impressed. I have not been to Zara for over a year, and have not bought anything for over two. I gave up after all the buttons from all their jacket kept falling off! But today I saw their look book. And I got inspiration. I’m not saying I’m going to go there and shop, I’m just going to share this picture with you and say that this is how I want to look when fall comes!

I did buy a lot of things from shops like Zara a few years ago. But I guess after working at Escada for over two years you learnt about quality. And that quality is more important than quantity. I now rather save up for something or buy vintage designer pieces. Not because of the brand, but because of the quality these brands produce their clothes in. Because of shoes in plastic will fall apart after just a few months and will make your feet stink rather than investing in leather ones that will last for years and make your feet happy and not smelly! I don’t say it’s bad or wrong to buy there, I think some of their design is amazing. But not their quality.

For example. I have bought a pair of Fiorentini + Baker boots for this winter. I found them on sale at Joseph for £70 instead of £500. Cheeper than a pair of boots at Zara. So what I am saying is, that if you have the power to resist buying a lot of shit quality and small things, it is worth waiting for a good bargin at either a sale or in a vintage store. You can also sign up for sample sales. They are amazing! I have never paid full price for any of my super expensive design items. Like my Dolce & Gabbana fur I found at TK Maxx for around £300 instead for £2000. Which is around what a leather jacket costs at Zara. I am a bargin hunter. And I know my way around the vintage shops and I am now building a wardrobe based on quality without paying the full price you would think comes with it. If I can do it you can do it. Same amount of money spent, different wardrobes.