Welcome to my blog! It is currently password protected as I wish to be a little bit more private in what I share. Email me if you were a reader of my blog and still want to read it!

3 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. I am definitely enjoying your blog!!
    Just curious…seeing that you have such a successful career, which school did you study at and what did you major in?
    Looking forward to reading more of your future articles!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi! Love your blog. I was wondering what school/programme you attendet to get that awsome job. i am thinking of moving to london in May and your life is kind of my dream. any tips? xx

    • Hi Anna, Thank you so much for your positive and adventurous comment! Moving to London, you will either hate it or love it. And hopefully you will LOVE it just like me! I have worked myself up for many years, I have done unpaid internships for 12 months, I have saved for 2 years before moving to London so I could do just that. I have taken part time courses at Berghs School of Communication. And now, 4 years later of living and working in London I have started a master in communication and media. The important thing is to see the opportunities, you might need to work hard, long and late, but never give up and believe you can make it and you’re already half way there! Let me know how it goes, hope this answer helped a little bit :) xx

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